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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has a Mustang story! Our customer brought his 2018 Shelby GT350 to our facility for XPEL paint protection film, Gtechniq ceramic coating and a paint correction. Follow along below to see how we protected our customers vehicle from the elements while giving it a long lasting shine!

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To start things off, we performed a Stage 2 Paint Correction to get rid of all the swirls and scratches on the paints surface. We wanted to make sure all of these imperfections were gone before we laid the XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film.

After the paint correction, we proceeded to prep the areas that were receiving the paint protection film. Our customer wanted his full front end protected. Our full front end protection package includes the full hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper and headlights.

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After the XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film was applied, we can proceed with the ceramic coating process. We rinse down the vehicle again to get any debris or contaminants off of the vehicles surface. Once the vehicle is dry, we use an alcohol based solution to remove any oil / residue left over on the paint surface. Our customer chose to go with Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra 9 Year Ceramic Coating for the exterior paint surfaces and Gtechniq Wheel Armour for the wheel faces, barrels and brake calipers.

Our customer went one step further and had his windsheild coated with Gtechniq G1 ceramic coating. Having your windsheild coated makes water literally shed right off while driving in the rain.

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This Shelby GT350 is ready for a Mustang event or track day! The XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film will help deter road debris from damaging the paint. While the paint coating will keep the Shadow Black exterior paint looking super slick and easier to maintain between washes. The Gtechniq Wheel Armour coating will help knock off the brake dust from those massive 6-piston front brake calipers.

If you’re interested in any of our services, feel free to request a free quote from us today!

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