2015 Corvette Z06 | Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint / Wheel Coating

This 2015 Corvette Z06 was brought to us for a Gtechniq ceramic paint coating and wheel coating. We performed a Stage 2 Paint Correction on the exterior paint surfaces to bring the paint back to a mirror like finish.

Black vehicles are the hardest to maintain but when they are maintained properly they are stunning to look at! Follow along as we show you the steps we took to make this C7 Z06 look better than the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

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Stage 2 Paint Correction | Vivid Auto Kennesaw

With every ceramic coating, we have to perform atleast a minimum of a Stage 1 Paint Correction. Why do you need a paint correction? The paint correction levels your paints surface and creates a even surface for the ceramic coating to bond to.

This Corvette received our Stage 2 Paint Correction because there were a few more deep scratches and imperfections on the paints surface that our Stage 1 Paint Correction wouldn’t be able to get out. In the images below, you can see what the Corvette’s paint looked like when it arrived to our facility.

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Gtechniq Ceramic Paint and Wheel Coating | Vivid Auto Kennesaw

After we completed the Stage 2 Paint Correction, it was time to apply the ceramic coating! We used Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 9 Year Coating on all exterior painted surfaces and Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour on the wheels.

The ceramic coating will help keep this C7 Corvette looking show ready at all times. We love the wheel coating because we know how much brake dust those high performance brakes can produce. It makes cleaning the wheels a breeze. In most instances, you can simply spray some wheel cleaning solution on your wheels and just spray them off!

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The Finished Product!

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